PC Tools Disk Suite

PC Tools Disk Suite

All-in-one hard drive optimization, defrag, repair and partition app


  • Defrags, performs backups and partitions in one
  • Easy to use and administer
  • Each tool integrates with the others nicely


  • Thorough backup is rather slow

PC Tools Disk Suite attempts to cover all possible angles when it comes to hard drive management.

PC Tools Disk Suite offers all in one hard drive management that integrates disk optimization, a cleanup tool, a defrag utility and even a partitioning and backup tool in one well presented and easy to use pack. Like most PC Tools products, the interface is the same as used across the entire line of products and clearly presents the options available to you.

As is to be expected, the cleanup and optimize feature of PC Tools Disk Suite aims to reduce unnecessary files and indicates how much free disk space it's recovered for you at any one time. The defrag tool reorganizes files on your disk and should speed up your system and it supports both FAT and NTFS drives. It's nice that you can select whether to defrag quickly or slowly in PC Tools Disk Suite although the fast defrag doesn't seem to make much difference at all. On the other hand, the long defrag does take a while and you¡'d be best to use it overnight.

The PC Tools Disk Suite Backup feature allows you select which files you want to backup regularly either manually or via scheduler and finally the Partition feature allows you to create, merge, split, resize, delete, copy, and move partitions. However, you'd be highly advised to backup all your data using the total backup option on PC Tools Disk Suite as disk partitions can result in lost or corrupted data very easily if you don't know what you are doing.

PC Tools Disk Suite is an incredibly comprehensive suite that covers all the major areas you need to keep your PC in tip top condition.

PC Tools Disk Suite


PC Tools Disk Suite

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